Raiders Proposed Las Vegas Stadium Lease May Not Be Ready

The Raiders’ proposed Las Vegas stadium lease, as mentioned in the previous post, will not be ready for review before the NFL league owner’s meeting at the end of the month, when they could vote on the approval of the relocation inquiry.

The Las Vegas Stadium Authority Board says that the final lease agreement for the $1.9 billion domed stadium won’t be reached in weeks. 

Although waiting for a lease agreement approval between the board and the Raiders’ owners, the NFL league owners are still able to vote on the approval for the relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas. Three-quarters of the league owners must approve the move and that vote can come at the end of March in Phoenix.

At a previous NFL team owner meeting, owners wanted to see the progress and financing before the vote. Some feel that it will me approved if conditions of the lease coincide with what’s important to the NFL.

The odds seem in favor with the Raiders moving to Las Vegas. Would you bet on it?

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